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I am a part of my local Fit4Mom group, and I will be forever thankful that I found this amazing group of women who literally accept every different type of mama-hood and embrace each wonderful lady like the badass they are. I have had periods of inconsistency but at the end of the day I cherish the friendships I have made in this group and the person I have become just by participating in this group.

I came to Fit4Mom and was so insecure and out of shape and my confidence as a mom was kind of low. I knew I was a good mom and a good person, but sometimes it was hard to not second guess choices I made with my little first-born baby. There is so much out there about how to be doing the “right thing” and parenting the “right way,” its hard not to second guess yourself at the beginning.

The cool thing about our local Fit4Mom is that coming in, NOBODY seemed like they were judging me. I instantly felt like I was a part of the group, and I relished on the wealth of knowledge and different ways to parent I was seeing and introduced to. It was nice to have multiple other moms with kids similar in age to bounce strategies and techniques off of and know that if I was out of ideas that someone else might have one. Or just to know that if my testy one year old was doing something that I was worried about that it was normal and my child wasn’t revolting against me. None of the info was pushed on me, but it was such a comfortable atmosphere that you feel comfortable seeking the information.

Anyway, today I am a more confident, strong, and relaxed mom because of this awesome group of ladies who just took me and my family in and made us feel welcome and like we were a part of something.

They are just what I needed before I even knew I needed them. I joined to lose some baby weight and not feel winded after walking the neighborhood, and have come leaps and bounds since then.

Thank you Fit4Mom Puyallup, I am proud to be a part of your tribe this #monthofmama ❤

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As a little P.S. from the post above asking about your birth story, I figured I would share mine. 1. Because I am super sentimental and 2. I am feeling extra excited about what this next baby’s birth story will look like. I recently told a friend…. “Every persons birth story is their own, and beautiful, and amazing; It is truly like a fingerprint and not one is the same, perfectly unique and life-changing.”

So here it goes. Charlotte Lin’s sweet birth story.

Charlotte was born a full week +1 day overdue. At my last doctors appointment before we had her (on a Friday) I sat crying in the exam room because I was in so much miserable back pain that I wanted to rip my spine out, and I was so ready for my girl to be in my arms and not on my bladder or wedged into my ribs. My doctor tried all the tricks with me, and finally told me that because my baby was perfectly healthy and showed no signs of needing to come out early (based on a stress test, ultrasound, BP checks, bloodwork, etc.) that she couldn’t induce me until Monday because I would only then be at 41 weeks. I left the Doctors office thrilled that my baby was super healthy and that I had an end date in sight.

My husband and I spent the weekend getting last minute things done, and enjoying our time just the two of us with our dogs. I also spent a lot of time thinking I was going to go into labor and then being sad I hadn’t yet. I was a hot mess express and was counting down the hours. We got the call on Sunday from the hospital telling us to come in at 8AM on Monday and we would get started. I dont think I slept a wink out of pure excitement. I showered, shaved, did my makeup, cried leaving my dogs, and we made our trek to the breakfast and then the hospital.

I got kindly hooked up to pitocin at 8AM, was assigned the most AMAZING nurse, and labor began. Our nurse told us to rest as much as we could, and that we did. Around noon they had to break my water and help me progress a bit more. Once that happened I feel like we were on our way. I got my epidural around 1 and spent most of the rest of the day resting, visiting with my family that was visiting and full of excitement, and thinking about how in just awhile I would be holding my sweet girl. At about 8 I was fully dilated but they wanted to let Charlotte descend a bit more on her own without me wearing myself out by pushing too early. So we watch Disney Night of Dancing with the Stars, and at 10:00 they came in and told me it was time to push.

Sheer panic set in because I was SURE I was having a c-section. I had told myself my whole pregnancy that I was going to have a huge baby (my whole family has giant kids) and to just get ready for a c-section. So when they told me I would be pushing I was like, um no… I am having a c-section. After the nurse talked me off the ledge and my support people (my Husband, Sister, and Mom) all ensured me everything would be fine, I accepted it and the game began.

All I remember is laughing, and crying, and pushing, and doing it all over. Somehow in my head I remember thinking it was like a cartoon. At 12:31AM my 9lb 9oz beautiful baby with a head full of dark hair was born. She  was perfect in every way, and still is.

Charlotte Lin stole our hearts that day, a beautiful fingerprint of a birth story.

Tell me more about your birth story, tag a mama and let her know she’s amazing, do all the things. YOU DESERVE IT.

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I Feel Pretty


Today we had a girls day to celebrate a friends birthday and saw I Feel Pretty. I laughed so hard, and kind of fell in love with this movie and its message.

First, off I am not an Amy Schumer fan by nature normally. I kind of feel like she most of the time just takes her joking just a tad bit too far and over-the-top and it just gets eye-roll worthy. THIS was not one of those times.

Just like the trailer shows, this movie is about a woman who wishes to be “better looking” and is insecure about herself. She hits her head, and wakes up thinking she looks like a different person and is magically “beautiful” and what that journey entails. What she doesn’t realize is that she is the same person, just more confident. And her confidence is what makes her shine.

What isn’t shown in the trailer is how truthful and honest it is, and how her story is one that I know many other women relate to.

I personally used to be very self-conscious. A lot of this related to the transition between my very rollercoaster-ish relationship that ended after 5 years, the years I spent finding myself again, and when I finally fell hard into the relationship I have with my now husband. After 5 years of being in a comfortable relationship, I naturally put on weight and towards the end of the relationship there was quite a bit of somewhat emotional abuse. I dont want to get too much into that part, the point of that is that when the relationship ended I was kind of lost. I didn’t feel pretty, I emotionally ate and gained more weight, I didn’t make the healthiest of choices, and ultimately I believed something was wrong with me. So I retreated, I became super shy around new people and second guessed everything about myself. Pretty much I was broken inside.

Shortly after that heartbreak, I went away to college. I made new friends there, and really had to step outside my box. The more I gained independence, the more I slowly started fixing my broken pieces. I still was insecure, but I made myself the funny nice girl who people enjoyed being around. I may have given a bit too much of myself to some people when seeking what I wouldn’t call approval, but the feel-good from people. I enjoyed the pleasure that I got and even though it wasn’t exactly the right way to get that confidence back at some moments, I was building back this bad-ass confidence and really learning to love myself again. After a couple years of building these amazing friendships, and having some good moments, and realizing that I was enough I was ready to be happy again.

Once I made the decision to love me again, I didn’t really care what people thought about me. I had spent enough time around people who were so fake, I realized I didn’t need those people anyway. Those weren’t the people that made me feel good inside. So why was I wasting my time on them. So I cut out the bullshit. I focused on people who mattered. And then I fell in love again.

I fell in love with Luke and I was maybe 85%. I still had moments of insecurity, who doesn’t, but I wasn’t harping on hating myself like I used to. I was happy. I had this man who looked at me like I was the sexiest, prettiest, smartest woman on the planet. He made me laugh and he never judged me.  The more he made me feel amazing, the more I truly didn’t care what anyone else thought because not only did he LOVE me, but I LOVED me.

He and I had known each other for many years, heck he knew my ex boyfriend. When we started dating he told me he was waiting for me to put myself together again before we started anything. From the outside looking in, he said he knew when I was whole again because of my confidence.

I might be rambling now, who knows. But the short of all of that was that I had to love myself before I could be happy. And I had to cut out all the insecurities and just not give a SHIT what anyone thought of me.

This sounds kind of silly to some, some people have never struggled with not loving themselves. But to some I know you totally get it. Or your in the midst of it.

I have a few people very near and dear to me who I love that I hope can hear the message of this movie because its so true. I won’t spoil it for everyone, but I want everyone to just know that a body is nothing more than a body. What is important is WHO you are, and WHO you love, and WHAT you want to feel.

If I could give anyone some homework, I would have them…

  1. Sit down and write down the things that are amazing about you. Little or big, post those up on a mirror.
  2. THROW AWAY THE SCALE, its just a number. Period. It means nothing about who you are.
  3. When you are feeling insecure remove yourself from the situation for a moment and close your eyes, tell yourself you are a BADASS and you have people who love you.
  4. Dont give a fuck. Turn on a power ballad. Boy do I suggest some Erika Jayne- How Many Fucks. Because frankly, how many fucks do I give? Thats right not one.
  5. Seek out someone to talk to, a support group, or a counselor, someone who will help you feel empowered.

I know its not foolproof, but I know I wakeup in the morning and I look around at this life I LIVE, and know that I have worth, I am wonderful, and I can have a bad day but I do feel pretty. Maybe not always (come on, everyone has their moments) but I can always snap back from it. There are some people who cant. It puts things into perspective.



Thanks Amy Schumer, for making a funny but oh so realistic view at the mind. Now I want to go re-watch it 😉



23.5 Week Checkup!

So back at 19 weeks I had my anatomy ultrasound but this little buddy in my tummy was NOT wanting to cooperate and wouldn’t let us get pictures of his heart and of his face, so we had to go back today! In my mind being the little man a second time, and double checking that our boy really is a boy worked great for me.

Well today I crossed my fingers, drank a giant orange juice, and couldn’t wait to see the little guy. When I scheduled they said it would only need to be a quick 20 minute ultrasound because they had such a small amount of things they needed to get pictures of…

Well with all the orange juice, me doing squats and leg lifts in the ultrasound room, as well as partaking in some cat/cow yoga pose on the ultrasound table… I was in the room for an hour because my sweet Wyatt wanted to clearly stay nudged face down into my hips.

Eventually they were able to get the pictures, AFTER the radiologist came down to see if she could get the picture she needed as well. (Buddy was just as stubborn for her as he was for the ultrasound tech.)  We did get a very nice profile shot, and he is for sure bigger than he was a couple weeks ago!

IMG_4887 copy

After all of the ultrasound fiasco, I had my quick checkup. After that we got to schedule our next three appointments! Bonus: The next appointment is the last of the monthly appointments, then we are down to every two weeks! Whaaaaat?! Where did time go?! I still have to get so much done! Well… at least it feels that way.

Alright, just thought I would pop on and share my sweet Wyatt’s picture and give a quick update! Have a fantastic weekend ladies and gents!

XO, Me


Toddler, Twos, Tantrums

Hello Friends, 

Last week was our daughters second birthday. So many tears, emotions, feelings, and excitement. Two may not seem like such a big deal to some people but for me it felt like a big milestone. Maybe because I know this is the last birthday she will have as an only child, or maybe its because Im just proud of this little girl who no longer is a little babe? Not totally sure…


Anyhow, two seems like a big deal to me. Well THIS week we went to her two year checkup with our doctor and it was sure perfect timing because I was needing some input about our newest stage as of lately that comes along with TWO… The tantrum stage.

Lately this cutie above has been..


It is absolutely terrifying to see my sweet little daughter flip a switch and turn into a flailing-on-the-floor crazed monkey. I was starting to feel a little letdown and like I wasn’t doing a good job parenting. Call it the hormones, or call it mom-guilt but I may have literally sat down and cried a couple times telling my husband that I “must be doing a terrible job, why is she acting like this…” to which he would tell me that she is just going through something and trying to communicate and that it was “SIMPLY NORMAL.”

I didn’t know what was worse, the fact that it was most likely true, or that a normal two year old was simply scary. Well talking to the doctor, we told her all about our little girls gigantic tantrums and through half-laughs we told her we didn’t know what we should be trying because we felt like we have been trying everything. And then… she simply chuckled. And then we laughed. And she made us feel so much better just by telling us a few simple things.

Let me preface this with the fact that we really like our doctor, she is smart, and funny, relatable, and when we see her she actually remembers our previous visits and conversations we have spoken about. So needless to say, we feel like she knows us pretty well and we trust her and have since we picked her as our babes doctor. So here is what she said to us regarding Toddlers, Twos, and Tantrums…

  1. This IS normal, our daughter is just intuitive and strong-willed. As a child this will be a hard thing for parents because naturally you want your children to listen and do what is appropriate and “right” and well-behaved in your eyes; as a young adult/adult this is a powerful thing because this smart strong-willed child will demand what she knows she needs instead of just being “agreeable.” That alone is a skill that is worth harboring, not dampening.
  2. The best thing you can do during a throw-yourself-on-the-floor tantrum is simply make sure that she is in a safe situation, state what the correct behavior is, and calmly wait until the tantrum subsides. I know this sounds easier than it really is. And in the midst of a tantrum its very hard to remain calm and not get emotional. However, if you react with more than this, you open up a trap. The trap is a mixture of you arguing, fanning the fire, and raising the emotional state. A toddler throws a tantrum because they want something or dislike something, they do not understand why they cant get what they want, and they want you to know that they are upset they cant do what they want. Let them know “We aren’t standing on the counter, that is not safe, and when you are ready to continue playing I would love to play with you.” This lets them know the behavior isn’t ok, you aren’t feeding into it and giving them the attention, and that you are ready to have fun when they are finished with their tantrum. Eventually they will stop kicking the ground and want to play with you.
  3. Just do the best you can, and know that your 98% amazing child is still an amazing child the other 2%. This alone is great to hear, because in the moment when you are wanting to rip your hair out because you think its only your child that does this, its good to know you still have a sweetheart inside. Being a parent is tough, and there are so many ways to do things. As long as you are doing your best, your child will benefit and at the end of the day that is really all that matters.

These things are all things I needed to hear. My child is normal, my child is still wonderful, and all my child needs it me to remain patient. Parenting is hard. And its all OK. 

So, I can tell that this year is going to be filled with many new things. I can also see MANY new tantrums, but I have to just remember that my child is a good kid, Im a good parent, Im doing my best, and all is ok… then I have to keep that in my back-pocket for a rainy afternoon when I want to lock myself in a closet because my child is crying on the floor of the doctors office because I said they couldn’t lick the door. 🙂

Also some good books that have helped me and given me lightbulb moments…

AS always, see you soon friends!

XO, Me

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So can I say this is so true? It was a rough one today…

Well today was pretty much a fuck-it day. Pretty much had a lot of plans for the day and this is how many things got completed ==> ZERO. And you know what, thats ok. Between toddlerhood and pregnancy I pretty much decided that today would be a do-over tomorrow.

On a side-note… its good to know that at the end of the day I can still say I know I am a good mom, even though today I may or may not have sat in my car and cried to myself twice. Yep.

To all you other mamas who need to hear they they’re still a good mom after today. You rock. You are doing great. Its ok to have a bad day. You are still a good mom. XO


Blog Reconstruction

Hey friends!

So I had a hard time with this blog initially. I wanted it to be an outlet for me, but also wanted to use it alongside my LuLaRoe business. Well I decided to that that isn’t the way I wanted this direction to go so I am reconstructing this site.

From here on out, you can read Mommyhood stories, Gossip rants, Product reviews, and whatever the heck else I might feel like writing about.

Anyhow, just wanted it to be an update. Will talk soon!



Ipsy Bag Review!

Hey ladies and gents!

I wanted to review my IPSY bad for you today! For only $10 a month you review 5 products in a cute little makeup bag, all packed up in a pink bubble mailer and sent to you! Its super cute, and lets be real… who doesn’t like receiving mail that isn’t a bill?

Girlllllll, lets get started 🙂


First off is the cute little (totally fall themed) little yellow and gold makeup bag. Super soft cotton, and perfect sized to throw a few things in.

Then I pulled out the Mannakadar HD Perfecting Powder. It was a really nice size, larger than some eye shadow rounds, listed on the back as .09oz. It is a translucent powder that appears white when you put it on your skin until you blend it in. It feels really nice and not cakey. You don’t feel like you have a pound of makeup on your face with it, plus it seems to tone down and soften any problem skin areas. This was a win in my book.

Next was the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Idol. I have used Tart cosmetics in the past and really enjoyed them, they seem to go on nice and stick around for awhile so I was really excited about this addition to my bag. From looking at it, the color looks really gold/bronzey. It didn’t seem like a blush so much but a bronzer, and then when I actually used it I felt like it was more of a highlighter. Mind you, I am no makeup expert, but I really liked it. it made me feel like Kim Kardashian with the ability to highlight and contour my cheekbones and other spots! I would say this was a win also!

Then I pulled the Benefit Cosmetics “they’re real!” mascara. For those of you who know me, mascara is literally one of my favorite things on the planet. I was really excited about this one. I really like benefit products and have tried some of their other mascaras but hadn’t yet tried this one. I loved the wand, and they give you a nice size tube (not full size but bigger than a sample .1 oz) which is always exciting. I tried it on and it went on so nice, and really accented my eyes well! This was a big score for me!

Next, I tried out the Touch In Sol Liquid Foundation in Natural Beige. I haven’t used any of their products so I was really excited to try this one out. The color was a pretty perfect match for my skin and blended in really well. I didn’t have to use a ton of it to make it go far, and when applied it seemed to dry quickly and not look dewy which I always dislike. I would probably buy this as a full size product honestly. Even this tube should last me a long time (it is .33oz)(I would compare it to the size of the Younique Concealer which is .34oz) This was a score for me too!! 🙂

Last in the bag was the Oribe brand Gold Lust Dry Shampoo. it was .9oz and was in an aerosol cute black little spray can. It did not shoot gold but a nice weightless dry shampoo that really didn’t leave any residue, didn’t even spray a powder, and just left my hair feeling soft and airy. I didn’t try it on major oily areas but I did like the way it made my hair feel and it didn’t smell like some of the dry shampoos that bother me, it was very airy and light as well. This was nice and I can’t wait to use more.

So there you have it folks! My review of this months ipsy bag 🙂 If you want to check it out, do so: HERE! You can cancel anytime, but I am pretty sure you won’t want to. And hey, $10 is like 2 coffees… instead you could have all this and more! 🙂 These will last way longer than two drinks will!